If you are going to shield your face, then our silk or bamboo collars fit the bill perfectly. They are soft and gentle against the skin and can be easily dropped when not required. Please note that these collars are not medical-type masks.

If you are using our silk or bamboo collar for shielding purposes and wish to retain the look/feel of your collar whilst ensuring that it is suitably sanitised we would recommend the following:

Place your collar in a saucepan of water and suitable silk detergent and bring to the boil whilst very gently agitating the collar using an appropriate kitchen utensil.  Once boiled remove from the heat and allow to cool. Then when safe to do so, decant the water and detergent solution refilling the saucepan with cold water and add a touch of fabric conditioner at this point if desired.  Stir the collar again then remove and gently squeeze excess liquid (using appropriate rubber gloves),  then rinse using fresh water only twice then final time squeeze out excess water. Reshape and leave to dry.

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