Silk For Health

Silk is the perfect fabric to wear as it is soft, comfortable and kind to the skin. Patra Silk is specially woven or knitted to feel light and the temperature-regulating properties of silk will ensure that you stay warm in the winter, whilst keeping cool in the summer. And as silk is naturally non-allergenic, it won't itch or irritate, making it ideal for those of you who have sensitive skin, allergies to synthetic fabrics or who are eczema sufferers.

We have a wide variety of items to choose from that are suitable for your health needs.

Our silk glove liners and pure silk socks are popular with customers who have Raynaud's Disease or Raynaud's Phenomenon and others with poor blood circulation. As they are thin and lightweight, our silk glove liners will fit easily inside your gloves, helping you to insulate your hands from the cold. Our Silk-Elastane Gloves are thicker but are still lightweight, warm and fine. Our silk socks are also popular for the above reasons, as they are thin enough to be worn underneath other socks to provide you with an extra layer of warmth.

Patra silk crop tops have been specially designed for comfort and support and do not come with underwiring or nylon. They have been recommended by dermatologists, GPs and a leading Harley Street clinic for women who have undergone breast augmentation, cancer treatment or lumpectomies.

For those who have suffered hair loss, we recommend our silk turbans or even our silk scarves which are both stylish and kind against your skin.