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We have a wide range of skiing silk base layers including short and long sleeved vests, long johns and neck warmers and of
course essential silk glove liners. Perfect for cold weather sports as our pure silks give you lightweight warmth without bulk, letting you move more easily, allowing your skin to breathe naturally, and quickly wicking away moisture.
It’s a perfect baselayer used by teams climbing Mt McKinley, trekking to the North Pole and the jungles of Borneo.

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As a skiing base layer or skiing underwear, silk is perfect as it is fine and light and has the ability to quickly wick away moisture from the skin. Its temperature-regulating properties will ensure you never overheat, but stay comfortably warm. And as it is non-bulky, our silk thermals will fit easily underneath your other layers.

Our silk thermal long underwear is regularly bought by skiers who seek effective base layers to keep them warm, but who also want skiing base layers which are comfortable to wear and kind to the skin.